Program Application

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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 30 days
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 15.00%

    Thanks for your interest in becoming a SilkySkin VIP Affiliate! We want this to be a partnership and that means working together - your honest reviews and recommendations will earn your followers and clients discounts, help them choose the right products for their skin and earn you money in the bank.

    The SilkySkin VIP Affiliate Program is so much more than posting on social media. We want to give you an opportunity to share your knowledge, plus create content with you, share new products before they launch, feature you on our social and blog.


    As a SilkySkin VIP Affiliate, you’ll receive the above commission for every single purchase someone makes using your link and once a month get paid via PayPal. Interested in making this relationship work? We are too, let’s take the next step and make it official.


    It’s simple! Just fill out the application here. We ask you to fill in as many details as possible. Once your application has been processed and approved, you’ll get an email with all the details on how to see your account and you’ll get your custom link. Make sure to share your link on social media and your website.


    How can I see my sales?

    In the introduction email, you’ll receive a link to log in to your account, there you’ll be able to see your sales.

    How will I get paid?

    Payments to your PayPal email will be biweekly. If you have made commissions, every 15th and 30th you'll receive the amount in your PayPal account. Please make sure you added the correct email in the “PayPal email” box to ensure you get paid out each month.

    What if I make a sale and it doesn’t show up?

    It takes about 1-2 business days for the sale to show up on your account. If the sale had a “discount” at checkout, this means the 10% off was applied to the customer. If the discount did not show up in the cart or checkout, this means there was an error. Make sure the person clicked your link and is making the purchase from the link they clicked. If it’s still not working, please email [email protected] with a screenshot of the checkout screen.

    What can I do to make more sales?

    Great question! Some best practices and tips to make sure you’re doing the most:

    • Add your link to your “bio” on all social accounts and make sure you share that followers will get 10% off their purchase

    • Post on your Instagram + Facebook stories about your fave SilkySkin, recommendations, etc…

    • Post on your feed about your favorite products + your link.

    • Make sure you follow on Instagram and join our Facebook group to keep up with the latest!


    Apart from advertising SilkySkin program using unique affiliate links, you can create a Custom Coupon Code.

    Custom Coupon Code is an amazing way to track your affiliate orders without using affiliate links. Whenever your follower places an order using your affiliate coupon code, you will automatically be credited for that order.

    Custom Coupon Codes are great way to track in social media platforms where affiliate links are cumbersome or not available, such as Instagram or Snapchat

    Enter your Desired Custom Coupon Code that you'd like to share with your followers, and it'll be created for you. For example NAME25.

    Whenever one of your followers uses your shared coupon code, they will will get $25 OFF their order. Don't forget to mention this when advertising SilkySkin products with your followers.

    Reach out to us at [email protected] if you have a content collab idea (Instagram Takeover, Facebook Live, IGTV, TikTok videos, we’re open to anything!)